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July 30, 2017

Well, I'm behind on updates here. Loads to catch up on.

My 20th Comic Con is in the books. It was one of the most successful ones I've ever had. We sold a ton of original art and prints. It was really exciting.

I am slowly working on a retail site. I hope to have it up soon.

Finally, I have a couple gallery shows coming. Totally excited about those. I will post dates in the next day or so.


Green Hills Entertainment is about family. Everyone contributes to the wellness of the whole and we are all equal. GHE is meant to entertain through a wide variety of mediums that showcase the talents of everyone here.

The Green Hills Entertainment Family-

Dennis Greenhill - Founder and CEO

Kelly Greenhill - COO

Anthony McLean - Business Operations

Ray Buckalew - Logistics and Support

Scott Hattox - Contributing Artist

Shannon Lee - Contributing Artist

Love and Support

Original art and photography and their new Forever Owners!

I will be apart of the group show “Black & White” in April. The show was postponed due to renovations fueled by the Oakland tragedy. I’m ok waiting for that reason.

“Living in the City • Urban Art Reception”

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 from 6 PM - 9 PM

The Studio Door - 3750 30th St, San Diego, California 92104

Original Photography

"The Gunfighter #1" from the series "The Gunfighters"

To be exhibited in a group show at La Bodega Gallery in San Diego CA in December 2016 - SOLD!!

Firey End

Sunset during a rain storm in San Diego.... out my garage door. :)

Nap Time

Wild Sea Lions shot in La Jolla, CA

Looking Up

Wild Sea Lions shot in La Jolla, CA

Having Words

Wild Sea Lions shot in La Jolla, CA


Wild Seals and Sea Lions shot in La Jolla, CA

Sea Lions

An image of the wild Sea Lions in La Jolla, CA taken with a GoPro Hero3

Dark Tarot omnibus

Limited edition of just 200 hard covers - 250+ pages!

“Dark Tarot” is a vampire tale created close to 20 years ago. It began with a question; “What would happen if a vampire had a tarot reading” and evolved into a 20 year labor of love..

This is an Omnibus that is limited to just 200 signed and numbered editions. Contact us for details!

Crow and Skull

Inks and ShinHan Markers on backerboard

PaintCan Bot

Inks, ShinHan Markers, and watercolors


An original piece by Dennis Greenhill - Markers

Original art

Original watercolor with Pen by Dennis Greenhill - SOLD - San Diego Comic Con 2016

By Dennis Greenhill

SOLD at San Diego Comic Con 2016!

We have finally entered the modern age! GHE has finally gotten around to building a website. We are so excited. Now, to figure out how to do it!