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We have finally entered the modern age! GHE has finally gotten around to building a website. We are so excited. Now, to figure out how to do it!

Dec 2016

La Bodega Gallery Star Wars Art Show:

What a thrill. The show opening was awesome. Such a fun place and great people. So, the big news is, my image of “Gunfighter #1” SOLD! I am so excited. Now, on to the next show down there - “Black and White” in January.

Feb. 05, 2017:

A crazy load of stuff going on around here! I’m back to work full time at the day job while trying to prep for 2 gallery shows and 2 comic cons. A ton of art sitting on the table that needs attention. But, with each passing day, I think I am making small steps forward. We will see!!

~ Dennis

Feb 11, 2017:

So, I finally got my hands on a GoPro. Now, I have been wanting one for a long time. I have seen some amazing stuff out of these little guys. The creative versatility is staggering. I am a creative guy, but was a bit overwhelmed at the potential of this camera. I shot some test footage yesterday and was amazed at the results. I can’t wait to explore its full potential!


Feb 16, 2017

The mind races with ideas for the GoPro! One suggestion was to use it to create organic videos about some of the more popular images I have taken. I think this could be a great idea. Several images have had a positive affect on people and there are stories behind each one… The Lions, The London Eye, some of Seal and Sea Lion pictures (check them out on Instagram!), etc. I had never really thought of putting myself in front of the camera to tell the stories. But, the more I have thought about it… the more I like the idea. So, over the next month or so, I am going to start putting together videos that give a behind the scenes look at maybe 10 images and art pieces to give you all a look behind the curtain. :)


March 1, 2017

Friday opens a new gallery show with one of my pieces! The gang at The Studio Door in North Park have created such great opportunities for people like me to “break” into the art/photography world. It is definitely humbling when a gallery owner says “This is amazing and it looks even better in person”. With each gallery show, it is just another small step to acceptance.

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff! I ordered a small microphone for my camera so I can begin doing the V-Blogs. I think I will start with the piece appearing at The Studio Door this month titled “The Lonely Walk”. This weekend I will post up more photos including the ones that will subjects of these videos.

Beyond that, it is crunch time around the studio as preparations are in full swing for WonderCon at the end of the month. It will be the first time that I have exhibited there, which is odd since I have been exhibiting at San Diego continuously for nearly 20 years. I am really looking forward to it. I think it will be a great opportunity for us.


March 5, 2017

Last night was awesome. It was the opening of the “Living in the City” show at The Studio Door gallery in North Park here in San Diego. It was such a blast. The wife and I were able to meet up with people, have a look at all the wonderful works, and just enjoy ourselves. There was a good amount of buzz around my image, “The Lonely Walk”. It is the top image on the picture above. Shot in Hong Kong, it will be the subject of one of the video blogs when I get around to doing those. :)

~ Dennis

April 16, 2017

Happy Easter All! Religious beliefs aside, this is just a nice day to celebrate family. As you can tell, I have been really far behind on updating and maintaining this site. So, here we go!! A couple of weeks ago, we did WonderCon in Anaheim. It was the first time that we have exhibited there. Well worth the effort. Tons of connections and loads of information. I am happy with how we ended up. The only draw back is that the whole house ended up really sick. I am 2 weeks into it and am just now feeling better. Good times!

Secondly, I have added a new page showing happy customers with art they have purchased. I get such a warm fuzzy feeling when someone spends money on an original piece. :)


May 13, 2017

I’m finally getting around to adding some videos and v-blogs. I will set up a nav button on the side for you all. It’s been a really long time since I messed with video footage, so I am still getting back in the swing of things. Bare with me . :)

Also, I am working a CV and some testimonials which I will be adding soon.


September 16, 2017

Well, I finally added a shop link. It’s about time, I know. I only just added it, so there isn’t a ton up right now, but I am working on it. The summer was really hectic with Comic Con and then a last minute trip to Taipei to work with USA Waterpolo at the World University Games. Now that the dust has settled some, my top priority was the shop. I am happy that I finally have something up to say the least. :)