About Us

Green Hills Entertainment is about family. Everyone contributes to the wellness of the whole and we are all equal. GHE is meant to entertain through a wide variety of mediums that showcase the talents of everyone here.

The Green Hills Entertainment Family-

Dennis Greenhill - Founder and CEO

Kelly Greenhill - COO

Anthony McLean - Business Operations

Ray Buckalew - Logistics and Support

Scott Hattox - Contributing Artist

Shannon Lee- Contributing Artist

Dennis Greenhill Art CV

Dennis Greenhill – Photographer, Artist, Writer,

Website – greenhillsent.com

Social media:

Artist statement:

In June of 2013, I found myself in Paris for a few days. It was there I came face to face with Rodin’s “The Gates of Hell”. The piece is enormous, it is intimidating, and it evokes a deep sense of emotion. I have always been attracted to dark and emotional side of creativity, and this is what I attempt to capture in my work. Art in any form, needs to force the viewer to engage with it. This allows the viewer to become part of the creative process.

Whether it is photography, painting, drawing, knitting, music, or writing, it is our moral duty to bring the viewer kicking and screaming into the process.


Ansel Adams, Franchesca Woodman, Vivian Meir, Jim Morrison, Minor White, Thomas Magelson, Will Burrand-Lucas, Aaron Chang.

Art shows:

  • Raw Artists : “Raw April 20, 2016” & “Raw Dec. 2015”
  • Kaplan College: “Art & Culture Expo: July 14th, 2016
  • Summer Concert Series – Mattress Firm Amphitheater : Summer 2017
  • San Diego Comic Con Art Show : July 2018

Curated Gallery shows:

  • La Bodega – “Star Wars”: Dec 2016
  • The Studio Door – “Living in the City”: Mar 2017
  • La Bodega Gallery - “Black and White”: Aug 2017

Comic cons:

  • San Diego Comic Con International: 1998-Present
  • WonderCon Anaheim: 2017-present


  • La Jolla Light - Newspaper
  • San Diego Reader – Local magazine


  • The Irish Herald: Full Page Write up- October 2015
  • “The Monthly” digital magazine: 2 page spread ahead of the Living In The City gallery show - April 2017
  • Comics Online Artist Spotlight - May 2017


 “Crisp, clean, and creative, the photography of Raw Artist Dennis Greenhill is full of intrigue and insightful selection of subject and composition.  Spending time day to day as a sports medicine specialist, his bold snapshots are sure to wow you.”               ~Raw Artists San Diego
“The photography of Dennis Greenhill is directly influenced by his local surroundings and offers a creative way of capturing the unique world we live in with a distinctive style. His monochrome prints have a commanding presence when seen in person and display a creative balance between fine art and film noir.” ~Billy Prechet, Photographer (Upper Deck)